How can the mattress cause or eliminate back pain

Simple: A truly effective and good mattress correctly supports the spine, eliminates tension in the body, especially in the neck and the lower back, and never presses the pressure points. In order to achieve all these things and to provide the necessary relaxation and comfort during sleep, the mattress must be sufficiently elastic, have a medium hardness and a minimum height of 18 cm.

The first signs that show that the time has come for a new mattress are given by the quality of sleep, assessed over a longer period. Also, the change of a damaged mattress, whether it is a breakage of the arcs or a loss of resistance, depending on the type of mattress, should not be postponed. As a general rule, mattresses have a life span of up to 10 years, but few models really fall into this category. It is good to seriously check the condition of the mattress after 2-3 years of purchase and to return it backwards once every 6 months as a maintenance method.

The effect of an unsuitable mattress over the day

If you did not choose the right mattress, you will realize this soon enough after the purchase. The effects of the discomfort experienced during sleep will also be felt over the day, in the form of irritability, low work performance, sleepiness and back pain.

The main types of mattresses and their advantages

In recent years, foam mattresses with memory have become more and more popular, and even the idea of ​​water beds has enjoyed some success. The choice of the ideal model should not keep in mind fashion, but its own preferences and the comfort and safety it offers. Here are the main types of mattresses and what are the advantages of each of them. The mattress stores in Tucson AZ offer the bests of them.

The arcade mattress

It is a classic, well-known variant, and offers good support for the spine, advantageous prices and protection against allergens due to good ventilation. It is a mattress with a higher degree of hardness; another disadvantage is that if the bed is divided into two, the vibrations caused by the movement of one of the partners are felt by the other.

Foam mat with memory

Unlike the previous one, this mattress offers independence from the partner and increased comfort, the level of hardness varying from one model to another. It is an elastic mattress that adapts very well to the shape of the spine and the body and reacts well to weight and pressure, but has a reduced life span compared to the classic version on the springs.