Mattress material: Things to know before purchase

Today, we find mattresses of different materials, all with different characteristics and more suitable for one type of person or another. Next, we will explain to you what kind of material you can choose, listing the pros and cons of each one:


Currently, the quality of mattresses has increased substantially, mainly by latex mattresses and visco elastic mattresses, which are able to adapt to body shape by reducing the pressure exerted on certain points, such as shoulders, head or legs.

Within this group, there are different levels depending on the tastes of each person, being more or less dense and with variations in their firmness according to their composition. However, you have to make sure that the latex layer is more than 4 centimeters thick. The properties of latex make it a very good option for mattresses. They are very elastic, which allows the movements of the person naturally, making the spine stay in a correct position. Explore the best beds now with the domain Austin.


The viscoelastic is a perfect technology for those who sleep on their side or suffer from joint or muscle problems, since their composition provides these mattresses with a memory affect that adapts and recognizes the positions of the body so that rest is optimal, adapting to the natural silhouette of the body. There is a wide variety of compositions and densities that make a viscoelastic mattress suitable for each type of person. If you suffer from overweight problems, for example, you should focus on the viscoelastic that offer high firmness and poor adaptability.


Spring mattresses may be the best option for people with sweating problems or who seek a more traditional rest, wanting to avoid the sensation of adaptability offered by viscoelastic or latex mattresses. As with the other materials, there are spring mattresses of different compositions, spring thicknesses and degrees of firmness. Bagged springs are more adaptable than traditional springs, for example, and the choice of one type or another of mattresses will depend on what each one is looking for or needs.

What mattress do you buy?

Buying a mattress is not the same as buying some pants, there are many people who only spend 5 minutes to try it, the 5 minutes that you can lie on it in the store. Both your body and the mattress need that time to adapt to each other. Think that the first day you will be used to the previous one and the new one will seem strange to you. The same thing happens with the mattress, which needs some time to adapt to your shape and weight. Hurry is never friends when choosing a good mattress.